Guest Speaker Scott Coleman

 The Queen’s Diamonds
scott coleman
Join the Women’s Pioneer Society this June for a special two course lunch as they present to you Scott Coleman Royal enthusiast and royal jewels connoisseur.
Scott was only 5 years old when he first laid eyes on replicas of the Queen’s Jewels but from that very moment Scott was hooked and spent his life becoming an expert on the British Royal Family, with a particular interest in the Queen's jewellery collection.
At 27 years of age Scott’s enthusiasm and passion for the jewels is evident: “I've always been interested in them because they've been a silent witness to great historic events, like royal weddings and coronations and revolutions, many of them have gone through wars and have fantastic stories attached to specific diamonds and specific pieces that the Queen continues to wear today, so I've always been interested in that.”
Join us in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday as Scott talks on some of these valuable jewels and the stories that come with them. 
Call Ms. Lorna Stone to book on 02 9522 8924